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What teases women? What feeds the flames of passion of men, filling them with colossal assertion? What satisfies both of the genders in their amours? Points of view remain varied, but it's erection, its strength and size to be cited as the most popular reason for that. With this fact in consideration and a whole crowd of averagely- and under-averagely penis-sized males so dreadfully affected by this fact in their sexual life and self-esteem, the sharks of the medical industry have come up with an effective yet healthy solution to ensure erotic satisfaction for every couple.

Being launched in 2000, VigRX underwent several stages of significant development and turned into a far better and, of course, notably more efficient VigRX Plus that is now used by large numbers of men for provision of satisfaction of their egos and sexual intents. As an effective penis enhancement medicine, these pills help males to get rid of premature ejaculation, dysfunctional erection and negative emotions caused by the lack of confidence in bed.

Although there is a number of other products of similar functions in the market, it is obvious that these are VigRX Plus pills that dominate this list. According to the information provided on its site -, the efficiency of VigRX Plus is proven by numerous testimonials from these pills' users of various age, gender and social statuses. The only thing that unites them all is the attested effectiveness of VigRX Plus: advanced sexual stamina, intense and larger-than-life orgasms and extensive erections, well-timed ejaculation and much more pleasure - that's what VigRX Plus brought to them all.

Albion Medical, the manufacturers of VigRX Plus, point the success to an enhanced formulation. Any VigRX Plus pill is a perfect mixture of ancient herbs and exotic aphrodisiacs taken from Europe, Eastern and South-Eastern Asia and South America, improved after a number of serious scientific researches and studies and, as a result, now producing perfect results and showing great efficiency.

The first component of VigRX Plus worth being specially mentioned is the so-called Horny Goat Weed - the China-originating Epimedium, the leaf extract widely claimed to be a booster to the libido due to the erection-causing effect of its primary sub-component called "icariin". Apart from that, Epimedium improves the flow of blood in cavernous body of a penis, which results into enhanced sexual sensation. As it is written on the official website, Epimedium directly affects testosterone level, that controls a male's sexual vigor and urge.

Another component (again of China origin) is the extract of Cuscuta seeds, which both prolongs the period of life of spermatozoa and puts off ejaculation, preserving a male from finishing too early. In addition, the Cuscuta extract has a similar positive influence on females' fertility.

Right like that of Cuscuta seed extract, the effect of Ginkgo Biloba is in the improvement of blood flow within the erectile tissue, strengthening the erection as well and widely used as male impotence remedy due to it. Which is more, the microcomponents that Gingko Biloba contains influence not only the cavernous body blood flow, but enhance general oxygenation and blood circulation in the whole body.

The most important of all Asian-originating oriental medicines, aphrodisiacs and supplements, Red Ginseng has been known for its distinctive features for hundreds of years. The rise of energy levels and the general body rejuvenation caused by it are considered as the major effects of taking Red Ginseng. Ginsenocide, one of its major microcomponents, not only performs the aforementioned functions - it modifies the blood flow of the whole body, including brain, sensorium and genitals, preventing a person from numerous age- and blood-related diseases, including early ejaculation and impotence.

An aphrodisiac again, yet not as well known as Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto produces various effects on males' sexual health and performance by controlling and normalizing the hormonal balance and the blood flow. With these effects, Saw Palmetto may also be used for the treatment of guttural and urinal infections.

Another component, Muira Pauma, is a thing yet to be subjected to a comprehensive scientific research. With astonishing 60% of males improving their potency by treating erectile dysfunction and eliminating the lack of sexual urge and the major part of its potential yet to be discovered, Muira Pauma bark extract is an essential microcomponent of VigRX Plus pills formula.

However, the components lighting-up sexual desire are not connected with blood flow enhancement only. For example, Catuaba, a Brazil-originating bark extract, is a natural-born antidepressant, extremely efficient at creating sensual fantasies by firing up males' nervous system, which in its turn increases libido and unloads the body of stress.

In addition to this, VigRX Plus contains Hawthorn berries - a special component, which improves the functioning of the whole cardiovascular system, improving the oxygen flow and reducing thereby the risks of getting troubled by blood pressure and heart rhythm irregularities.

But this is not the sophisticated mixture of these natural ingredients alone that makes VigRX Plus a market leader among similar products, but those additional ingredients in the formulation of VigRX Plus pills - 3 extremely efficient microcomponents that put VigRX Plus ahead of all competitor penis enlargement pills, - Tribulus, Damiana and Bioperine.

The first one, Tribulus Terrestris, serves as a physical vigor improvement instigator, libido simulator and erection quality controller. Known since the ancient times, now this component is used in Western Europe and the US as a sexual dysfunction and body weaknesses medication.

The second one, Damiana, is a Maya-originating herbal aphrodisiac, that acts as an erection quality improvement effect strengthener, providing higher levels of sexual grit, prolonged erection and sensual orgasms provided. This medication was added to the formula of VigRX Plus to make a pill user even more satisfied with his sexual experience.

The third additional component, Bioperine, significantly increases the speed of absorption (up to 30%) of other microcomponents if they are taken in combination with it. This simply means, that the swiftness VigRX Plus affects its user is incomparable to that of any alternative penis enhancement pills that may currently be found on the market, as VigRX Plus is the only pill containing Bioperine.

VigRX Plus is a comprehensive enhancer product that was designed to positively affect emotional, sexual and emotional needs of males. The team of pill manufacturers who stand behind VigRX Plus tries hard to satisfy the customers, providing them with a natural herbal solution with no side effects. However, please remember to consult your therapist before taking VigRX Plus or any other medication!

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